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(no subject)

Nov. 2nd, 2008 | 11:20 am

so giant rabbits do exist, the new york times costs an extra dollar in upstate new york, and the ballad of jack and rose was horrible. daniel day lewis nearly did not save the film from poor acting and writing. these are the things that are happening.

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sarah has inspired me

Oct. 7th, 2008 | 05:40 pm

college has inspired me
web-surfing has inspired me
whatever did it,
i've started up a blog i've had sitting around for a while:

so browse and enjoy, or not. they are all pictures of tiny moments in my life. maybe someday there will be a theme but as of now, it's just a collection of things.

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Oct. 6th, 2008 | 05:14 am

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feeling much better

Oct. 2nd, 2008 | 08:36 pm

to make ellen happy from leahrizzo on Vimeo.

and i finally got that 101 images done. one of my teachers has turned out to be a total douche. it sort of sucks. BUT he's teaching me good things. so it's a draw.

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a photobooth upload

Sep. 27th, 2008 | 08:24 pm

i look like my grandmother on my mother's side in this picture. this friday from four a.m. until 2:30 p.m. i got to hang out in the emergency room at university hospital and get poked with lots of needles, receive two doses of iv morphine and a regular old b12 drip, and also got to experience a cat scan. the prognosis? "we have no idea, but we've ruled out most things very serious".

so i get to keep my sweet hospital bracelet, a doubled up prescription for the antibiotic i was already taking, and a prescription for 500mg pills of hydrocodone. basically, i've been very high for three days now. but at least my kidneys are not bothering me anymore. the doctors were pretty sure it was a kidney infection or appendicitis. i never really got a second cat scan done to be sure it wasn't appendicitis, but they told me they were pretty sure that it wasn't. my doctor was very attractive. danila stayed with me the whole time and fell asleep against the medicine cabinet.

that's all for now. when i am feeling 100%, i will try to take some pictures of the house and of my roommates.

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(no subject)

Sep. 18th, 2008 | 05:48 pm



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i'm going to go ahead and assume that

Sep. 16th, 2008 | 06:49 pm

this week is just going to be one of those weeks. on top of everyone close to me feeling oddly upset and in a daze, i'm beginning to feel the stress again of job + school, which i haven't experienced in quite some time (over a year? not counting this summer).

i'm hoping it will subside a bit after this week but of course i don't expect it to go away forever. i have three major projects all due next week, all of which require lots of planning and hours upon hours in the darkroom (quite literally. dark fucking room. no red lights when it comes to color development. i've touched more of my classmates accidentally and inappropriately than i know names). on the upside, they are all projects i'm fairly excited about. on the downside, my excitement doesn't transcend the boundaries of silly things like time limits.

i've also managed to book myself for the entire weekend with work because the westcott cultural fair is happening and i work for the family who pretty much owns the whole of westcott street.

that's all. i'll post some work soon, i just haven't had access to a scanner or the motivation to waste time on the internet lately.
hope everyone is well, signing out.

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Sep. 9th, 2008 | 01:20 pm

"oh hai. COLLEGE."

things that i love
+ my new job at the newsstand across from alto cinco. i work for the essi family (who owns most of westcott) and my boss, eva, lets me smoke inside, bring my laptop, do homework, watch dvds, listen to music, and surf the internet.
+ being back in classes is really refreshing, and i don't feel left behind because i didn't really connect with my class while i was at syracuse university. i have a great set of teachers who include:

1. a real cute feminist multimedia artist who is one half of a power art couple from toronto
2. an amazing photographer who has done editorial work for the new york times, gq magazine, and (despite the indie-barf of this statement) who has also photographed broken social scene and guided by voices. he's pretty attractive and has a really effeminate stance. he is married to...
3. a korean girl who is so cute and who i originally had problems with. she brings good discussion and fantastic films into my life and dresses in a way that makes me really happy.
4. a really attractive grad student who looks a little like andrew bird and acts like an austin brother.
5. an adorable isreali digital photographer who has a wife and a cute blonde daughter and who convinced me to stick with photography at the end of my first semester at syracuse. he has some issue controlling the volume of his voice in class, laughs awkwardly at his own jokes, and has an entire set of different colored suspenders.

+ my house, which i've yet to put pictures up of, and my two kittens who smell like shit but are cute all the same.

that's it for now.

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long time no post

Aug. 30th, 2008 | 03:01 pm

i have a potential job working at mom's diner/pop's newstand on westcott which rules because i can walk to work. i'm all re-enrolled at syracuse university and all of my classes seem like fun. but i'll update more later.

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because it matters.

Jul. 14th, 2008 | 09:39 am

Catwalking In; A Congress Divided Over Reform Legislation
Is Somehow Able to Unite to Help Supermodels Get Work Visas.

(Copyright (c) 2008 Los Angeles Times)

Unable to muster the political will last year to pass comprehensive immigration reform and address the dearth of both unskilled and highly skilled labor that drags on our economy, Congress is now ready to act. Standing tall in the courage of their convictions, lawmakers are proposing to give supermodels their own category of work visa. This is especially bold because while easing the way for several hundred models to work during New York's Fashion Week, they must resolutely ignore the pleas of high-tech businesses seeking more visas for well-educated workers.

The number of H1-B visas awarded each year to skilled foreign employees is 65,000 (plus 20,000 for foreign graduates of U.S. universities), despite the desperate demand. On the first day of the application period this year, H1-B visa requests exceeded 120,000. Meanwhile, the shortage of workers has inspired employers to put down roots elsewhere. Last July, Microsoft Corp. announced it would open shop in Vancouver, Canada, where U.S. immigration policies won't hinder it from hiring the highly skilled people it needs.

Thankfully, Congress' reform efforts don't stop with models. Other bills in the pipeline would make it easier for athletes and entertainers to work in the United States. Our crops may go unpicked, but never again will Amy Winehouse have trouble getting a speedy visa. The key to amassing support for such legislation is to make the tough compromises necessary to ensure their minuscule social impact. Last year's behemoth reform bill tangled with border security, guest worker programs, a pathway to citizenship -- far too controversial. Now, even Rep. Dan Lungren (R-Gold River), who sponsored a bill to deny citizenship to babies born to illegal immigrants, is backing the bill giving the Department of Homeland Security 30 days to process visas for entertainers.

If, however, Congress does give -- shall we call them catwalk engineers? -- their own visa category, they will no longer have to compete with computer wizards for H1-Bs. That could free up to 1,000 slots for high tech. We'll take them any way we can get them.


wow, i love the people running my country.
after reading this, i immediately came across an article about a 17 year old boy who had been living with his family in the united states for 16 years after receiving "tentative" political asylum from the armenian government. he was the valedictorian of his highschool, had been accepted into college already, hadn't been back to armenia since he was 2 and had no desire to return. a few months ago, his father's request for political asylum was repealed and the u.s. government threw him (the dad) into a "detention" center. ie. fucking jail. his mother was allowed to stay free to look after him and his 12 year old brother who was born in the united states.

his entire family was deported in june. the government kindly allowed the boy to stay for his high school graduation.

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